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Our signature class combining “Flow” and strength training with the help of bands, medicine balls, weighted bars, and free weights

Temperature: 85-90 degrees

Hot Flow

All levels, flow based yoga class with funky transitions and long holds

Temperature: 100 – 105 degrees

Power Flow

Power Flow is a dynamic blend of power and vinyasa that will challenge your mind + body while raising your heart rate and building strength. While beats set the vibe, our bodies and breath will move in sync through a powerful flow with options for long holds or cardio movements to increase endurance + focus. This class is heated and suitable for all levels

Temperature: 100 – 105 degrees

Warm Recovery

A 60 minutes slow-paced, stretched focused yoga class that increases circulation and improves flexibility

Temperature: 80-85 degrees

Hot Flow + Melt

60 minutes of our Hot Flow class PLUS 30 minutes of or Zen Yin class

Hot Pilates

A low impact beat driven sculpt class

THE Sequence

THE Sequence is a carefully created flow of postures woven with dynamic body weight movements that sculpt and strengthen while creating space where the body needs it most. This flow moves through the same sequence with options to modify as well as variations to take it deeper in a heated environment. A perfect place to build confidence for a beginner as well as improvement for a seasoned practitioner. All are welcome.

Zen Yin

Enjoy a more non-heated meditative practice with long holds that will relax the body and ease the mind. You will leave feeling revitalized and ready for whatever comes next.